Affiliate marketing

Because we’re not partners with the affiliates, we can operate solely on
your behalf. Also, because we can work on a flat-rate pricing model, we’re not incented
to forgo quality for quantity. This also means that as your program grows, your costs
stay the same, increasing your ROI. Conversely, if you want to place budget caps,
we’re no less incented to provide the highest quality service.

Affiliate marketing offers flexible channels and one of the highest ROI with no risk whatsoever

  • Overall strategy and synchronization / cross channel media
  • Identifying the right partner(s)
  • TContract agreement on your behalf
  • Campaign definition and publisher offer strategy
  • Data management and reporting
  • Technical implementation and testing
  • Publisher maintenance and nursing
  • Banner and content production

Affiliate marketing

  • Affiliatewindow
  • Zanox
  • Tradedoubler
  • Sharesale
  • Google Affiliate Networks

Increase the ROI of your marketing

Convert visitors into customers and generate more sales.

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