Mobile and apps

In a world that is increasingly 'mobile first', we are committed to developing
and delivering the best mobile and tablet experience for our clients' customers. We do
this by continuously innovating and developing our content, by pushing our creative
ideas and designs to match the changing needs of our clients and their customers.

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App design and development

Mind to Mind are dedicated to creating some of the finest mobile and web applications around.
Our goal is to create function for clients in a truly valuable way. We understand the Mobile
App Ecosystem, and combine that understanding with your own company’s strategic needs and
concerns to formulate the perfect end-result. We place tremendous emphasis on creating
comprehensive and not just small-scale solutions. Therefore we are there to assist in
every stage and element of the App creation experience, from design to release.


Audience engagement anytime, anywhere

With 45% of the population now owning smartphone devices
(Google User Research Report 2012), mobile apps allow your business to reach
audiences wherever they are, in new and engaging ways. Our team of creative and technical
experts allows us to create engaging, mobile-optimised experiences across devices,
including the iPhone and Android phones, the iPad and other tablets.


How does the consumer use the mobile

89% of the consumers time spent on media is through mobile apps (monthly usage).

App usage

11% of the consumers time spent on media is through mobile web (monthly usage).


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